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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
But when you have to share a paintball field with paintballers, this comes up everytime. And it's usually much worse in person than online. I've seen guys almost come to blows over it, or you get the drunk 40-something running his mouth off over us and our little toy guns.

I'd rather be shooting too, but it's not always an option.
This is also another reason why I don't play in with the regular ASC, because the last time this happen it was at Wasaga old field back in 2001 and I did get into a fistfight because some speedballers decide it was funny to pick on one of the airsofters (shooting him from behind), I stepped in and shot him with my "little friend"(my 450fps shorty carbine), He charged and i decked him and two of his friends before Larry stepped in. In the end i made the decision never to play in the same field as Speedballers and I still stood by my comments in an earlier post, this argument is pointless, in both games there will be assholes that ruined everything, there will be cheaters, there will be whiners in the end is you have to ask yourself am I satisfied and happy playing the game? because it is your time you are spending not anybody else so who cares if paintball is better or vice versa does it matter??
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