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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
But when you have to share a paintball field with paintballers, this comes up everytime. And it's usually much worse in person than online. I've seen guys almost come to blows over it, or you get the drunk 40-something running his mouth off over us and our little toy guns.

I'd rather be shooting too, but it's not always an option.
That's why my friends and I always played in our own field with invites sent out to other like minded teams. We try to avoid the regular paintball field as much as we can beside they don't like to see our RAP4 in their field anyways and even when we do participate in events like the week end long D-day Op the bad apples is certainly never allowed in the field, in fact I've seen field owners kicked out a bunch of woosies (Speed ballers) because they were hurling insults at some local airsofters
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