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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Wildcard, there is no woodsball anywhere near me. It doesn't pay the bills to have guys dump 100 rounds in an hour. They need to dump a pod every 2 minutes to make paintball profitable enough to even consider it a business.

That's why you see 99.999% speedball. If you play woodsball, you are a small minority my friend.
I guess we are a little spoiled here in Ontario, but this argument of which is better? is still childish and a waste of time and i STILL rather be shooting than argue which is better, Majority of the guys I play with (Paintball) do call these speedball woosies "babies" and yes we do tend to butt heads with them when we play much like some of the noobs i 've seen attending the games, unfortunately there are always bad apples in BOTH games and quite often these are the real guys that always start the shitstorm.

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