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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
For me, the attitude of the people is what makes airsoft so much better. I have yet to encounter a single person on the field who wouldn't answer any question I had, everyone I've asked has been more than willing to explain things to me, let me check out their gear, etc. I see paintballers everytime I go play airsoft going on about how their shit is so good, how they could "pwn" everyone, etc. Not the kindof attitude with people I want to hang out with. Plus, the realism of airsoft appeals to me so much more than paintball.
those are more likely the so called speedball fairies most of the milsim guys that i had the pleasure to play with are pretty much like the old airsofters, they just play the game and chit chat after over ice cold beers. These so called speedball fairies are much like the arrogant noobs we encounter in some of our games to which i have no problem saying to them after an embarrasing knife kill "How do you like them apples biatch??"
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