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Panitball is only big in Canada because there is a shitload of money to be made from selling paint at field rates. That, and you can usually get guns rather easily, because retailers (who also happen to be field owners) can sell you a shitload of paint and make a ton of money.

I've seen the paintball scene from the side of the player and the retailer, and absolutely nothing about it appeals to me.

I can go buy accessories for my airsoft gun, and if I don't like it I can put it on my real gun. My gear is fully transferrable as well.

And I don't like playing with 14 year olds who have a superiority complex. I'd rather play with adults and adults don't play paintball after they find airsoft.

Sorry Desert Storm, you'll lose this argument on an airsoft forum, no matter what you say. Best you go back to a paintball forum and discuss which Dye gun is the best. That's where all the cool people hang out anyway.
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