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She needs tone down the eyeliner just a tad.

Airsoft isnt a dying sport. Its very popular in Japan and the USA, unfortunetly for us in Canada due to our grey laws in regards to airsoft guns, its hard for it to be popular as guns themselfves can be pricey to procure.

She's dating one of the more famous pro players and is also supposed to be some fashion expert and model lol...

If you compare airsoft to paintball here, it is pretty much dying...

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yes well you arnt shooting projecticles at 300fps durring soccer and other child sports. i personally dont think they belong but sure if they can handel it and wont be a fucking piss off to everyone else then fine.

but to your other point it still doesnt disprove that paintballers are cheaters rather that they are. Your giving us an example of a profesional level of paintball, and look they still cheat risking the loss of not only one player but another of their teams. Anyways im just curious how the fuck do they pick the other play thats out? draw straws?????
11-13 year olds in paintball wear chest pads to take away most of the pain. You must remember though, in speedball you are only ever hit in the mask, arm or gun. If playing properly since you don't step out of your bunker to shoot, you play very tight to your bunker. Also, it is rare to be hit when running since you do short runs only when no one is shooting at you.

If one player is caught playing on, they pull the next guy who is closest to them during the game.
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