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Well, you see, that's what I find stupid. If you're hit, you're hit. Who the fuck cares if it didn't pop?
Imagine how many arguments would break out if a bounce counted as a hit.

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desert storm just look at the people joining that are cause the sport to "double" who the fuck wants to be playing with kids that have yet to have their balls drop.

also the fact you need a referee for those games giving penalitys and checking for paint is proof that they are cheating, i dont get your point, is that supposed to tell us how they dont cheat?
You start skiing young, you stary playing soccer young, you start baseball young, you start paintball young. Airsoft only starts when you're 18, that cuts out many potential players.

In hockey you have penalties, same with soccer and every other sport. In paintball they penalize you just as bad too. If you are hit in an obvious spot and continue shooting, they pull you out and another player on your team. In a 5 vs 5 game, makes a big difference.
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