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so is woodsball a bad thing now too? because that is the only type of paintball i play ( it has more inconveniences ( branches and stuff blocking a shot) than speedball, but it is more fun.
People don't want paintball to be a war game, so speedball was invented. Big colourful ballons, bright jerseys and guns that look nothing like real guns. Not to mention it's way harder to make a woodsball field than a speedball one. Major tournaments carry their fields around with them like the PSP and NPPL, while it's not easy to move a whole forest.

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Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" is one of the highest selling albums of all times, are you suggesting it is one of the greatest?

Girls? Well I'm all for girls in Airsoft, but I played football for 16 years and the lack of girls never made a negative impact on that sport.

Quality of life and sport is not a numbers game. Count the number of Hondas you see next time you go out for a drive and then count the number of Porsches. By your criteria Hondas are superior. I'm not convinced. I'd much prefer to drive the Porsche.
Thriller is one of the greatest albums ever... People still do the dance and know the songs...

Girls love guys who play football...

You must remember though, if something doesn't sell, it does. Sure it could be better, but how does it stay alive and expand if no one buys into it? Only reason why expensive car companies are still in business is that rich people will buy a bunch of them and people who want to look special lease them, then get screwed over and end up becoming a hobo. In airsoft, there are no leases and not many rich people buying a tonne of guns.

However there are the california paintball gun whores who switch 1000$ guns like every month and buy all new gear every year.

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