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Originally Posted by DesertStorm View Post
Also paintball is completely owning airsoft in popularity. In 1998, 5.9 million played, by 2003, 10.5 million. In 2010, there will be over 20 million paintballers.
Dude, your logical reasoning skills are really lacking.

Unless you are in highschool popularity is not the marker of superiority or greatness.

Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" is one of the highest selling albums of all times, are you suggesting it is one of the greatest? Better than perhaps Wagner?

Things that are popular are designed for the lowest common denominator. Just like speedball. I have no interest in being part of the lowest common denominator.

Girls? Well I'm all for girls in Airsoft, but I played football for 16 years and the lack of girls never made a negative impact on that sport.

Quality of life and sport is not a numbers game. Count the number of Hondas you see next time you go out for a drive and then count the number of Porsches. By your criteria Hondas are superior. I'm not convinced. I'd much prefer to drive the Porsche.

So feel free to wander back to the caf. and see who is more popular today. I hear that new Britiney album is selling rather well.

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