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Anyway, I've played paintball for 2 years. Had some nice guns. Quit, because there were too many people who thought cheating was the only way to win...
Reminding me of that. IN EVERY FORM OF PAINTBALL EVER INVENTED PLAYED ON THIS PLANET, A BOUNCE IS NOT A HIT. THE BALL MUST POP That's for some other guy that sais "ohhh too many people in paintball don't call themselves out when it bounces off them". Anyways it's nearly impossible to get away with cheating unless you play woodsball, or at a field with no reffs. Just watch pros play on video, you'll see reffs running around everywhere calling penalties, pulling players and checking them for paint.

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airsoft isnt a dieing sport, are you stupid. its a growing sport and it took paintball 20 years to become popular, airsoft has only been in canada and the USA for 10 at most.
See you're in denial. The paintballer population is almost doubling ever couple years, while look at the airsoft one around here.... The only paintball around 20 years ago was a pistol, designed for tagging cows. Some people decided to begin shooting them at each other for fun. Here in Canada, airsoft guns have insane markups for duties and almost everything has to be purchased online. While nearly every city with more than 1 person has a field and a paintball shop.

I don't see airsoft prices going down, more shops opening and there aren't very many fields.

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