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Man over half the people here must be in denial airsoft is a dying sport. Almost all of those articles are comparing guns that would cost 700 here to the worlds most primitive low end paintball guns that cost under 100. Do you see airsoft on tv anywhere? No, but in the US they regularly play paintball on tv and even sometimes in Canada.

Also all of these articles are comparing the now dead paintball form of woodsball to airsoft. Basically, every woodsballer out there is now a speedballer who still plays woodsball for fun.

Even one article cited girls as part as airsoft. That has to be the biggest joke ever. There are all girls competitive paintball teams. Infact, 15% of all active paintball players are girls. It's completely normal to go a field and see a bunch of girls out. Now what percentage of active airsofters are girls?

Man I could go on for ever and ever and ever

Also paintball is completely owning airsoft in popularity. In 1998, 5.9 million played, by 2003, 10.5 million. In 2010, there will be over 20 million paintballers.

Oh ya who can forget the event statistics. Over 30,000 people showed up to this years paintball world cup and over 300 teams.
YouTube - paintball world cup 2007 - Intro This is just an intro to show the atmosphere of the world cup.

YouTube - Paintballing - Watch the crowds in the background. Ever see that many people out just to watch and not play?

YouTube - paintballing championship - Tournament broadcasted by ESPN. Played in a vegas casino, main purpose was only for tv.

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