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Originally Posted by Brendan Mattie View Post
Hey, we are looking to get into airsoft cause paintball is just getting to be too much $, so I have a few Q's
1-what are the best guns to get... spring, gas, or e-guns?
2-do they hurt, like can u feel urseft getting hit if u have a vest or jacket on?
3-and what is the speedfeed all about, and are they a good thing to have?
4-what is the range like?
5-what is a good store in Canada that dose C.O.D.?

If you find paintball to be getting too expensive, you maybe in for a horrible surprise when you see how expensive airsoft can get.

As per your inquiry though.

Read that, you will find details in regards to diffrent kinds of aegs, GBB's and springers. What is best, is a matter of opinion, most people use an electric based gun, AEGs essentially all work on the same concept. Gas guns are usually pistols or sniper rifles, there are a few long arms out there that are gas based but they are few and far between. As for spring guns, you will find some decent pistols and sniper rifles out there. Every item has its role and essentially what you choose should reflect your playing style.

2. You will know when you are hit.In some cases during a heavy rush fire fight you may not notice it, but the majority of the time you will. Even through a vest or jacket.

3. I Have no idea what you mean by speedfeed.

4.Ranges do vary, depending on what internals each gun has.

5. There are two online suppliers in Canada, I do not suggest ordering from outside of country. This link will shed some light on why.
The two online retailers that are available are very respectful operations, they do however get very busy, and the owners themselfves do have outside airsoft lives. So please be paitent. As for if they take COD, I do not believe so. Paypal, EMT and credit card I believe are the standard forms of payment.

Welcome to ASC and welcome to airsoft in Canada.
I would like you to take the time to read this.
It is the Canadian airsoft newbie guide.

As for this link it is this websites frequently asked questions section.
If you have any other questions, you may find the answers to them here.

I have taken the time to answer your questions and supply you with the info you require. I hope you take the time to read and absorb it.

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