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Before you start anything best thing to do is read the FAQ which can be found here:

Step two is get age verified you need to be 18 yrs old to legal purchase or own an airsoft rifle in Canada.

Generally you want to get an AEG rifle rather than a spring rifle unless you are becoming a sniper and that generally comes further down the line with experienced players.

Does it hurt, depending on where you get shot yes it can. Can you feel it, yes unless you take one off the rifle or you are wearing a butt load of gear.

Don't know about the speedfeed, one of the more experienced guys can answer that??

Range varies from rifle to rifle, longer barrel and more fps gets you better range accuracy ect....

The only two stores for rifles at the moment in Canada are 007 airsoft and A&A airsoft if your looking to buy new but you can get used/new if you get age verified from the buy/sell section.

Welcome to airsoft. Hope that was what you were looking for.

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