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Chinese EOTech 552 Clone - Pics Added

Chinese EOTech 552 Clone
November 6, 2007

To begin with, Iím going to compare this unit to the HurricanE EOTech 552 that I also own. I was curious to see how much more quality you got for the extra $50 - $100 for the HurricanE unit. This review is short and straight to the point. No fluff.

Out of the Box:
When I first opened up the box I was pleased to see what looked to be a nice finish on the Chinese clone. When compared side by side the HurricanE unit the two are almost indistinguishable. The only notable difference is the lack of trades on the HurricanE unit. Both units are very solid and feel very rugged.

(HurricanE on the left, Chinese clone on the right)

(HurricanE on the left, Chinese clone on the right)


One nice feature about the Chinese clone is that it has trademarks on it. Although, it is disappointing that the trade mark reads ďFOR LAW ENFORCE MENT / MILITARY USEĒ A little bit more attention to detail with the English would have been nice.

The HurricanE unit has NO trademarks.

(HurricanE on the left, Chinese clone on the right)

The Buttons:
The buttons on the Chinese clone feel cheap are very stiff and tend to stick a lot. The sticking buttons cause the unit to stay on or prevent you from being able to change the brightness settings until you unstick them.

The buttons on the HurricanE unit are soft and easy to push and do not stick at all.

The Sight:
The red/green dot on the Chinese clone is broken up, slightly fuzzy and has a bit of ghosting. Also to be noted, the dot disappears when you have it in daylight. If you are under tree cover, it is fine but if you are playing in direct sunlight it completely vanishes and renders the sight useless. The Chinese clone only has 10 brightness levels and as I understood it, the brightness issue was to be taken care of a while back. Apparently it was never addressed.

The red/green dot on the HurricanE unit is nice and smooth and there is no ghosting at all. When you have the HurricanE unit under direct sunlight, you are still able to see the sight. The HurricanE unit has 20 brightness levels.


Chinese Clone

The extra money that you pay for the HurricanE unit is well worth it. You get 10 extra brightness settings which allow you to actually use the sight outdoors, you get low battery indication and better clarity of the red/green dot.

I purchased my Chinese Clone for $125 and I purchased the HurricanE for $190. For the extra $65 I would say that the HurricanE would be the better choice.

I was very disappointed by the Chinese clone mostly due to the fact that itís useless for outdoors play. Iíve now ended up spending $125 for what is essentially a paper weight. If I were to do it again, I would buy another HurricanE unit.

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