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Im ok for airsoft guns, I find I have a horrible addiction to gear.
Im always buying gear, always creating and changing my kit so I can have everything I need for every situation and be able to modulate pouches or add things at a moments notice.

I carry everyone one of my airsoft guns on my during a game. 2 pistols holstered, my m4 with my shotty attached to the ris to form a masterkey, and if I can bare the weight, I usually sling my m700 on the back. So Im good to go for all circumstances. However I do dream of a day where I can run around doing dual wield with mp5k's or mp7s or p90s, or some form of SPR with 3 MP7s rigged to it when all the triggers attached to the main SPR trigger Mhmmmmm over kill someday, maybe someday.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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