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From my own experience, I think it's a phase... kinda like in college when you wanna sleep every hot girl you see. But later in life you start seeking out much more specific things.

I've had a dozen AEGs, currently have seven (or eight, if the MP7 counts), plus CO2 miniuzi, 5 GBBs, 2 NBBs, an M203 and a GP30... and I've hit that saturation point where quantity is no longer cutting it.

For one, a lot of the AEGs just aren't getting used. I'm an AR person, I guess. The FAMAS was my first gun but doesn't get much use anymore, the AK I never fielded, the G36 I fielded once... so I'm currently in the process of building two custom ARs (three, really), and selling off everything else.

So I'm not at the point where I'd rather have only a couple of high quality, fine tuned guns. (as the old adage goes, Beware the man with only one gun; he'll know how to use it).

The pistols and stuff, I have a special love for, so I'm keeping those (for now anyway).
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