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"This is an Air soft forum paintball and even clearsoft dont belong here".

I would be the first to disagree with that flame, as you do also. I have always been open minded when it comes to other sports that are in line with airsoft, whether it be paintball or whatever. I am 100% right behind you when you say we all have to start somewhere. I couldnt agree more.

What I do have a problem with is a thread that has hashed, rehashed, and hashed yet again the same comments from an ASC member regarding paintball and the weapons they use.

I get it!!! The weapons the ASCer is selling may be used for airsoft. Thats fine. But when he says also he DOES NOT supply the conversions kits, then to me he is trying to sell off and 'drum up' business for his paintball markers. Hence my comments regarding this being an airsoft forum. If he truely intended his weapons to be used for airsoft, sell the whole lot, including the conversion kit.

Whatever someone wants to play, thats fine. Using your vehicle subject comparison, I wont go onto a Ford Forum and ask what people think of a 65 Fastback vs a 69 Camaro.

If we want to discuss the merits, pro's and cons of the associated sports similiar to airsoft that is fine. Dont make this into a business venture.
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