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OK I have to get some things off my chest here because there seems to be way too much bitching,whinning,complaining and disrespect found on this forum. Am I really hearing this right? "This is an Air soft forum paintball and even clearsoft dont belong here". I can't belive what i'm hearing. I can personally say with pride that I own 4 of your supposed shitsoft guns. I painted them to look real and I started playing airsoft with friends. I found that yes even though their range and power can't compete with the higher end guns,but we have to start somewhere. I bet everybodys first car wasn't a LAMBO its a car we all want but we bought a civic because thats what we could afford in the begining.I now own the following guns M4 S-system,FAMAS,G3 Sniper rifle and USP 45 GBB. So yes we all start somewhere. Me it was"shitsoft" lets all leave the poor noob bastards the fuck alone,given the chance they very well might turn out to be the best players around given that you havn't turned them away from the sport with your rude comments that I can only expect from my 4 and 5 year old boys.
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