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I have been having problems with the semi auto fire. Keeps jamming the trigger. Going to pull it apart and give her the works. Seems I have a few parts lying around.
Its a Semi lock up. Its happening to everyone with this gun. Its due to the bad battery and motor witch couse the gun to not complete the cycle and gets locked up. All it needs is a quickfiring on Auto and your fine.

I would recommend a Elite battery though, thats what I am hopeing to do with mine.

Here are some videos from my Galaxy Mp5k PDW aswell as a disassembly guide-

YouTube - Galaxy MP5k PDW Preview (Preview)

YouTube - Mp5k/Mp5k PDW disassembly guide (Disassembly guide :hammer: )

YouTube - A look at the Galaxy MP5k Gearbox ( Into the gearbox)

I have more videos on this gun comming soon. Subscibe me!

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