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Originally Posted by cndzn View Post
Last time I checked it was Airsoft Canada, not Paintball Canada. I am sure the two sports have aspects that are very similar, but this is airsoft. If I wanted to go and read about paintball I wouldnt be on this forum.

I'm sorry If anyone was offended by this post,. I'm just interested to hear the different opinions everyone had about each sport. Ultimately I'm into the MILSIM aspect of things regardless of what tools are being used. I love both Paintball and airsoft, God knows I spend enough money on it (just see my bank transactions), I used to only play airsoft, and had no interest whatsoever in paintball because of how the guns look and because of the type of mentality that most paintballer I've seen. (Mostly Speedball) until I came accorss the RAP4 markers, now I can play paintball with my freinds that do it, and play airsoft which i love without haveing to have different guns fore each but, mostly it was the sell ejection and the more realsitc sound compared to an AEG that sold me. I want to play MILSIM/TACSIM, I thought that that ultimately what airsoft is about.

I'm not trying to establish that one is better than the other, nor am I trying to convince anyone of anything other than that I'm happy that paintballers seem to finally be comming around and doing things right by going toward a more MILSIM game style.

Although this is an airsoft forum I don't think opening a discussion like this violates any rules. It's just like asking someone what do you think about Terminator 2 and each his own but one does'nt need to be better than the other. Don't get so defensive.

That why I did'nt say "PAINTBALL vs. AIRSOFT."

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