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As another scare: if you fail to produce actual believable proof of the paid value of the item, customs has the right to reclassify and redeclare the value, and have the power to tax you based on the MSRP of the real deal (if they believe it could be the real item). For example, if you were trying to import Huang's replica blast belt, and they don't believe it costed you $15 (that's what was declared on my shipment), they could very well charge you taxes on the full value of the item (CP site is currently down, so I can't get an MSRP.) If they really want, they could hit you with the penalties as well, but how hard they hit you is also determined by how willing you were to co-operate in the beginning and how hard they want to try and prove a point.
Thats exactly what they did with my CASV I ordered from Huang. They did not believe the declared price and than tacked on $20 dollars to the value, and yes I consider myself lucky because a real Vltor is alot more than $50.
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