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Originally Posted by Scooby Steve View Post
From the Barrie Police website

Occurence #: BA07041467
Date: 2007/10/26
At 1:05pm, citizens in the area of Dunlop Street and Anne Street called 911 to report persons in the area wearing camouflage clothing and carrying guns. Officers including the tactical unit responded and located four 21 year old males and a 20 year old female at Anne Street near Edgehill Drive. All were wearing camouflage and were carrying realistic looking guns. They were investigated after being disarmed and were found to be ‘playing’ a war type game. The guns were all described as soft air pellet guns. They were all cautioned about their behaviour and informed of the peril they could have been in walking around with these weapons. The guns are not illegal to possess and the group were sent on their way hopefully a lot wiser.
At least they called them "soft air" and not airsoft, eventhough most people won't make that distinction.

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