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Systema Magnum Motor Review

All I can say are these motors are awesome!
I recently purchased 2 motors (thanks to and Duy), and they kick ass.

I have one long version for my M4 and a short version for my AK 47 Hybrid. Each ran me just over $125.00 each.

Now with both of them installed I cannot believe what I was missing.
The rate of fire, trigger response and torque is fantastic.
The magnetic force within each motor can pull screws and allen keys across an open area on the work bench.
You can see why it generates so much torque and speed.

In my upgraded guns these motors work miracles.
Using a 9.6v battery if fires as fast as my old motors did with my large 10.8v.

When you throw the 10.8v on the guns it has an unbelievable rate of fire that doesn't mis-feed even when using high caps (M4 and AK). This mis-feeding appears to be everyone's greatest concern when using high power motors. It appears not to be an issue for me as the M4 is using standard ratio gears and the AK has torque up ratio.

These are expensive parts but the performance increase is worth it in my opinion.

Just thought I would let people know it is money well spent if you want the following:

1) Ability to turn upgraded springs with standard ratio gears
2) A high rate of fire with upgraded springs
3) Efficient battery use for greater affect on trigger response time



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