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Originally Posted by Jayhad View Post
but you are assuming an officer would know about weapons and the add-ons you can purchase....
I bought some brakes for my kart off of ebay, they retail for $1800 CD I got them for $200 and they were next to new the package was invoiced as a gift. Wouldn't the officer wonder why I was putting cheap, inferior products on my kart and then find my receipt uncredible?

Wouldn't your arguement have to stand for all items being imorted then??

I think you are giving to much credit to the goofs at the borders, BUT your arguement is the only real viable explination as to why the officer would ask about his gun, unless they are compiling a list............. onose
Good points.

Although, keep in mind that customs officers are a bit more wary of goods listed as under $20, especially if they find it hard to believe they costed that amount. They realize that a lot of people declare that amount to avoid taxation altogether.

Ultimately, it just comes down to their instinct and how much satisfaction they get from your replies to their questions. Try importing those brakes again and declare them as $10 and see what happens.

I don't know anything about your brakes either, but if I saw them valued at $200, I'd also be inclined to believe it. I'd smell BS if you said they were $15.

You're right, though. They *don't* know the value of the goods, and even if they did know the MSRP and street value, they don't know how much YOU paid for it. That's why they resort to intimidation tactics to pretty much squeeze the info out of you and try to get you to crack.

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