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Originally Posted by bean View Post
Its mine. Six mags I only got 4 . Of course I then had to purchase other tec9's to gather the 12 mags I have now. Of course I now own the folding stock, soon to be an scs system with an extended tight bore, A couple feet of extra tight bore material, possibly a recoiler weight soon also. I also plan to use my other internal sets to make a gas ak. Possibly a gas m4. As a side not kwokwai you ever get that shit from sniperx?
Whoops. I'm wrong. It was four mags. The six mags was for the FTC SD3 that I sold sniperbay.

Nope, still haven't gotten diddly squat. I've paid fully for the item as well as shipping. I've been more than patient and extremely understanding. He doesn't reply to my inquiries either.

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