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Finally after 14days at Customs my stuff is finally getting sent out to me today.

Huang sent me an invoice that said I paid $20USD for 4 items; CTR stock, Front and rear BUIS and SIR handguard -- $20 yeah right! I faxed it over, called them to make sure that they got it.

They agent started grilling me, what kind of gun do i have, (I said I have a clearsoft gun from Walmart) She asked me if I have bank statement reflecting what i paint for it, I said I do have an EMT record for $20 (I'm lying ofcourse) but that is does not show who the recipient is other than an email address. She asked, me several times what I paid for it, I always stayed consitent with the invoice amount. Siad that i bought it off a guy from a forum who knew a guy and because it was from China that is why it was so cheap and that it is used stuff. She asked me if i will be buying more stuff from there. She asked me again how much it's worth, again gave the same answer. Finally she said ok, I will send it out today.

Things I learned from this, if you're going to lie stick with it no matter what. Don't be fooled by thier intimidation tactics they have no clue.

Good luck to the rest of you guys!

PS. we should start a task force to make fake receipts and bank tansactions as proof to make sure that everyone is able to get their stuff.
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