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Originally Posted by rockafella;

"The OP's point about paintball being messy is rediculous. They have these things called showers now, he should give them a try. You are going to get dirty or sweaty in any sport." - one thing I find that seems to be too common among many strictly airsoft players (I don't mean to stereo type) is that they spend too much time trying to look pretty and clean. Yes the look is important to me too, you'll never see me wearing any mismatched, or poorly chosen gear, but I'm deffinately not afraid to get a little dirty (the dirtier the better). I mean when you're an actual OP you have more things to worry about than how clean your Tac vest or ACU is. What do you think would happen if a DELTA OP refused to participate in CQB training because he says that the FX (simunition) round will make his uniform dirty? Rediculous right?

( Now just to get everyone back into perspective; I'm not saying either sport is better each have their merits/demerits but--- wether it's paintball or airsoft or both, this is a free country, and ultimately this is just a game so lets not get our underwear in a bunch of somthing so trivial, I appriciate all your comments and for shareing your opinions but remember that's all that it is; 'your opinion'. more gaming, less talking)

It's not that I hate getting dirty, it's I dislike having to clean paint out of my gear and weapons after a day of playing, because as you well know it takes a long time to clean it properly, especially if you get shot in the rifle or the ball explodes in the rifle, got tired of that after a while. I get just as dirty playing airsoft as I do on a field ex with the army. And I still see some of our guys running around with simunition marks on their tact vests when I'm at work lol. But I wouldn't mind having an experience with the Rap4 stuff just for shits'n giggles though. I'm fairly open minded and you right in the end it's an oppinion and just a game. For me it comes down to cost and personal preference nothing more nothing less.

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Its a good thing stupidity doesnt have mass or whole sections of this board would collapse in and destroy themselves in a stupidity singularity.
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