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IF airsoft in Canada was more prevalent, I would be playing it more than paintball. It doesnt help that airsoft imports are illegal and there are, what, less than 5 online Candian retailers? I can drive to the nearest paintball store in a few minutes.

That website that was posted "" was biased garbage. The fact is both games have their pros and cons.

-The only big difference between the two in Canada is the cost vs abundance issue. Airsoft is cheaper, but where am I going to go to play it? Paintball is everywhere, Ontario alone has close to 100 established fields, but it is really, really expensive.

-As long as you are playing with good people, it doesnt matter if a gun will leave a paint mark or not, people will call themselves out when hit. Refuse to play with dishonest players. (As a side note though, I find few things more satisfying than a burst of paintballs breaking on your intended target)

-Both have the bad side to the community (and quite frankly, I prefer the little paintballing kids over the idiot that thinks he is ready for WWIII because he commands a team in "airsoft training simulations")

-You want smoke, noise and recoil? Buy a real firearm. Neither paintball or airsoft is realistic, they arent even close.

-The OP's point about paintball being messy is rediculous. They have these things called showers now, he should give them a try. You are going to get dirty or sweaty in any sport.
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