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I talked to this fellow on the phone just tonight, about an hour ago. Apparently he is associated with a 'team' here in Barrie that no one has heard of and that does not play at any ASC-sanctioned games, but it supposedly sponsored by 007. The 'team captain', who I've also spoken to over the phone, said hes been into airsoft for about 4 years now.QUOTE]

There is no way a reputable airsoft vendor, of which there are very precious few would even sell to people they know are doing these type of things.

Its these type of people that are the reason the Darwin Awards were created if the first place. I cant believe they were not shot (maybe they should have atleast been wounded, once into the forarm won't kill you) and though this may be rude or uncalled for but in my humble opinion I personally think that they should be ,fined and/or jailed or maybe they should just start bringing back flogging, that should reduce the collective stupidity of some people atleast.

So thats my 2c. Any how take it or leave it. I already said it was an opinion so please dont bother flaming it.

Good day all.

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