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I know one of the guys involved fairly well. The semi-automatic weapon was his TM Tactical Master Beretta. I'll be seeing him tomorrow, be sure to slap him around a bit. He is a nice guy, but kinda dumb as a stump. Same can be said of the company he keeps.

I talked to this fellow on the phone just tonight, about an hour ago. Apparently he is associated with a 'team' here in Barrie that no one has heard of and that does not play at any ASC-sanctioned games, but it supposedly sponsored by 007. The 'team captain', who I've also spoken to over the phone, said hes been into airsoft for about 4 years now. After tomorrow I'll post any other information I can get.

Rest assured as most know this does not reflect the Barrie airsoft scene. Team Blackbear is not the team involved, they'd probably flip if I ever let slip the guy's name and address....which I won't, Jim.
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