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Issue I want resolved

A few months ago I was looking for a new gun. I found a great deal. It was a Sig552 with 4 mags and a battery, for a little more I could include these extras; An extra battery, cheek rest, a low mount rail, a high mount rial, a RDS, and a Scope. So I payed the extra to get the rest of the things. The seller said that he had to find some of the things and then ship them in two parts. I got the first package and got some of the stuff. I kept in contact with the seller and I was told many times that the package would be shipped at a later date. Every time the later date would come by, I was given a excuse why it was not shipped. This went on some time, I didn't want to be pushy so I gave him good time. Eventually he stopped replying to my messages and PMs.

While I was working the original deal the seller got a friend to ship the package. So I thought my next step to get this issue resolved was to contact this friend trough a PM and tell him about it. When I told him he said that he would talk to the seller. When I got the next pm I was told that the seller would get back to me that night. When the seller failed to get back to me I PM'ed his friend again. Since then I haven't heard anything from either of them.

I haven't post there names or Usernames because I would like this to get resolved as clean as it can. If I have to I will post both names.

Since all I did was talk to the seller on MSN messenger I have lost the original conversations. Also the original sale post was deleted shortly after the deal was made.
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