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got mine today, agreed, very nice quality, i was paranoid about the color match, but it is an egsact match with my crye bdus. i definatly reccommend it. however it only has 2 rows of pals straps where as my hsgi belt has 3 rows, so if your looking for more realestate. one other thing is i have a 33'" waist, i ordered the medium, but i find that it does wrap all the way around, only to my hips, then the strap and buckle do the rest, i dunno if this is different from the medium to large, but in my personal opinion i would like it to come across my front more, so if thats the case i would reccommend a large. tank would you mind takeing a pic with it on so we could verify? also since you DO have the large would you mind takeing a physical measurment from end to end (the belt itself, excluding the strap)

as for the belt itself, the pads are removable as previously stated, and are comfy. the material is durable and good stitching, i didnt previously know, but it has a wide gap on the sides (seen in the pistol lanyard pic) in the pals for drop leg attatchments. at face value i am pleased and would definatly reccommend it.

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