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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Lol, huang sold it to you, so get him to whip up some receipt that says you paid $5 or $10 for them.
Just hope that the customs officer doesn't follow up on the invoice and looks up the actual listed price for the goods...

Or you could just do it legit with an invoice that shows ACTUAL amounts and then pay the tax. Even if the item costed you $100, you're paying SIX DOLLARS in GST. That's a very very tiny price to pay in comparison to the headaches and cost of dealing with criminal charges for misdeclaration of imported goods and possibly being red-flagged for future imports.

You may have to explain why the goods were declared with such a lower amount, but I can't see that being difficult to get out of - most exporters put low amounts as a courtesy for the importer with no input or control by the importer. Just say you didn't know they'd do that and you fully expected them to put the full amount.

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