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Oye Wildcard, pinoy ka ba?

Yeah, the other thing I love about these guns is that they were actually originally manufactured by the a factory commisioned by the PRC to make a effective yet affordable taining sim for thier Mil forces to train with. And as such they are being used in training by over 50 law enforcement and Military agencies globally. And since the only reason I play airsoft/paintball is to augment my military training (CF infantry) this as close as I can get to the real deal, at least when we're not prcticing w/ sims at Wighnwright.

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I was kind of skeptical when I first saw these RAP4 but after playing with them with a bunch of guys out in FT McMurray I was hooked, Finally a marker that can take any punishment I dish out on it and after doing a little research on it I discovered that some of my friends out in H.K and in the Phillipines Have been playing with them for some years now and ALL of them gave the RAP4 METS a glowing review and the fact that these guys can almost get anything they want their review counts more than any review board.

I've own JAC, AEG and pretty much All of the WA, maruzen and Tanaka Blowback, as real or these "guns" get they are still the fragile and durability issue to these guns, I mean there is probably no one out there as rough with their guns especially their AEG or blowback than myself, guys like Poncho can be a witness to how many mechbox that have met their doom in my hands and the countless metal bodies from Zeke, Systema to the old and sturdy CA,
Unfortunately for the paintball bashers out there these RAP4 markers are made to last longer than your average aeg, and when I do play with them it sort of brings back some good old feelings like the time when we are playing with our JAC back in the days.
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