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Just to calrify for those who may look at this picture and not sure what they are looking at. This is a RAP4 Sig 226, it comes in two versions internal air (pictured here) and the disposable air version. The 3rd of those pictures shows a CO2 bottle attached to the bottom of the gun, one would not play with that ugly thing hanging off of the pistol (although i guess you could) what is being don there is filling the pisol's internal tank that is hidden within the pistol grip next, to where the magazine is inserted. After the ineternal tank is full you would take unskerew the tank which has the adapter and you not be ablt to tell it from a real gun. In the other version would just take the disposable 12grm Co2 cartrages and inster it into the "holding tank" instead of being filled via the larger CO2 tank. It would use one 12gram cartrage hidden in the grip per 3-5 mags.
So once the pistol is charged and loaded it looks just like an airsoft gun and the blowback is amazingly strong.

Originally Posted by Flabeo View Post
At first I was like oh look a Pball pistol that actually looks like a real one

And then I was like.... wait what the hell is that for?

And then..... Oh dear god NO!

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