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Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
According to Ken C of 007 you need a business firearms license at the very least. Which makes a lot of sense eventhough I had an idea that the BFL is what you needed in the first place. I guess I'll ask my buddy to see if this is what he has.
There are lots of people that have BFL ... with a BFL you can have Replicas Legally Transfered ( permanently ) to you if you have a Special Authorization to posses Replicas.

But a BFL alone does not allow you to import airsoft guns.. you still need an import license..

Essentially you need a BFL, a special Authorization to Posses Replicas, and an import license allowing the importation of Prohibited Devices.

Then you could import Airsoft Replicas... but legally you could not "really" sell them because that would be transfering prohibited devices to an unlicensed Transferee.. and that is a criminal offense.

So before someone asks " if that is true how do the existing retailers do it?'

They do it for money.. hoping that the law will tolerate it because the volume they are bringing in is so small as to be not worth investigation or the costs of prosecution, And I expect the existing retailers are very careful to pay their taxes on time.

Airsoft retailers can sell guns for exactly the same reason that a small time weed dealer can ply his trade, Sure "technically" its illegal, but really who does it hurt?
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