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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
For me it does not matter whether it's paintball or airsoft I just enjoy the game, the debate of who is better, to me is childish and a waste of time i rather be shooting instead.
You could'nt have said it's like you took the words right out of my mouth man, thank you!!!

I was hopeing that someone would come to this same conclusion, which is whay I posted this. It's kinda like with organized religeon, what turned me off the most about it is that everyone thinks that thier religeon is the ONLY TRUE way, and so so many wars are waged over this type of small mindedness. Fact is if we concentrated on all we have in common instead of our diffrences one would see that we are all actually trying to reach the same goal.

I for one love both airsoft and paintball equally, and I feel that both sports can learn and grow better if they join hands and help each other out, each has things to bring to the table as for stegnths and weeknesses.

Wildcard's comment only renforces the level of maturity that cetrain members of the airsoft community..Thank you for that. I am gald find myslef among kindred spirts here.
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