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Sometimes when I read post like these I wonder whether the person(s) who ever posted paintball sucks, airsoft rules post even stop to think where they were or what they were doing when they first saw an airsoft game. I Mean Guys we are all playing the same game here the only difference is our projectile and the markers we use. if you look at the similarities between paintball and airsoft, stop, and think to your self you'll laugh at these post too(My source of entertainment at work)
It was not too long ago that guys like poncho or crow from team STAT were lugging around c02 tanks for their JAC or Y&E rifle and how everyone at that time thought it was cool, then there was the time where the most hicaps and 450+fps rifle were the norm. Every game whether it's airsoft or paintball evolve, paintball got their start in the woods and now majority of the paintball game is going back to woodsball or milsim type of game.

I recently got the pleasure of participating in a weekend long milsim game, operation "Irene" in a big field in Syracuse, in that field there were 456 participants and there was not once any type of argument or bad comments made about airsoft VS paintball in fact what suprised me was the organizers of this game have their own airsoft team and actually ran a field north of where we were playing where only airsoft are played, When I asked him how come he didn't organize an airsoft game like this instead of RAP4 or paintball only, His only answer was that this (RAP4/Paintball) was more realistic, Airsoft can only bring a certain level of realism but this take it to the next level. where have you played in an airsoft game where there is a fireable .50 cal, .30 cal and tanks (Paintball version).

For me it does not matter whether it's paintball or airsoft I just enjoy the game, the debate of who is better, to me is childish and a waste of time i rather be shooting instead.

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