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Originally Posted by JanusDP View Post
How is "it hurts more" a pro? Honestly, if you're in this game to cause pain you're a sad little person.
See, it's a proven fact that pain is the best teacher, and when your body registers pain it tells your brain that you don't want to be doing that again. Have you considered how much simunition FX rounds hurt even with all the protective gear? And this is what the military and LE agencies train with. Yes, they are marking rounds similar to paintball, except that they are propelled by a primer similar to a regular bullet, and it is fired from a real gun which has been modified to chamber the FX rounds.

I am all for realism, if i could train regularly with siminition I would.
I am also not a big fan of hi caps or hoppers unless you are a SAW gunner.

I love the realistic look airsoft but the marking capability and sound of a paintball gun with the shell ejection of feature of the real deal....

check out
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