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Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
Fine buddy. Do what you will, just don't ask for our advise anymore.
I just wont ask for yours.

sammy; So I've been told. Apparently some people get a bunch through fine, and others get screwed over pretty bad. We will continue looking in Canada for now. So anyone who has the crappy M4 in your area, and feel like helping us out, PM me if you can, lol.

Rukus; Yea, We actually will be grabbing a few from the east-end walmart. Unfortunatly, the M4 from the wal-mart is still a little out of reach. And because we're stubborn, we've arranged to talk to Canadian Tire staff about the obscene price. Although, I cant say I expect much to come from that.

As far as risking the border, we're looking for someone to get in contact with, to see if we can get them across.

And as far as the movie premise goes, its more swat, spec. ops. deal.
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