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Well I used to play on a paintball team. At that point airsoft wasn't so widely known in my area though there were a few here and there who played. I always wanted to try it but just never got around to it. Then the team I played for went from bush ball to speed ball. Eventually I got sick and tired of seeing my paycheck go into a rubber inflatable bunker for no reason other than to maybe just maybe hit one guy or provide a little cover fire. I then started to look into airsoft and eventually got the proper info and picked up my first rifle. First game my god what a difference in the attitude of the players and the pace of the games. I like military style games that actually employ some sort of tactic other than pray and spray. Being in the military made airsoft very exciting. I might play the odd paintball game with my friends if they get a group together and need an extra but other than that I can't see myself playing paintball much.

The pro's cons list:

Airsoft Pro's

The players who play have better maturity level and way better sportsmanship
The rifles
The realism
Milsims are better
Mag Changes
Costs are way better once you own the gear
The honor system, if they don't call hit when they should shoot them till they call hit or cry, but that rarely ever happens and in most games I play we are our own refs we don't need someone to call anyone out and when in doubt call hit. I took one off the rifle one game and it happened to be center of mass and didn't know buddy who shot me told me and I called hit plain and simple. I played paintball with a guy who wore such bulkly clothing that you'd be lucky to break a ball on him, that and he wiped his paint by the time the ref got to him. I wanted to knock his teeth in.(sorry for the explanation figured I'd give my view of why it's a pro.)
The 18+ rule goes along with maturity
And airsoft does hurt if you get hit in the right place as much as paintball, my wife put two welts on me with a G36c that stayed for about two weeks, my fault for volunteering to be her first victim lol.
My wife loves to play airsoft with me (so I can get as many rifles as I want and don't have to explain it)


Rifle accessibility, but you can still basically get what you want in Canada it may just take a bit and cost a little more.

Paintball Pros

No idea after having played it for 6/7 years
recoil maybe, but it's minimal.

Paintball cons

It's paintball
Cost of Paint
Co2 lines, or tanks
Wife hates paintball
The mess

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