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Gen 3 Mulicam BDU's/ MC BLAST BELT

Hey Guys,

GEN 3 MC BDU's Review

Well I bought a pair of those Gen 3 MC BDU's Huang was selling on the sever and they just arrived today. These things are awesome!

First off, I own a pair of the GEN 1 MC BDU's that came out and I must tell you these ones are far superior.

The slots for the knee and elbow pads are heavily reinforced with a stronger material and the over all quality is a lot better. The quality of the material and the stitching look to a lot better compared to my GEN 1 pair, I've only fielded them twice with light use, and Ive already seen a small rip in them.

Like the other set, these BDU's have pockets, EVERYWHERE! I just looked briefly and count at least 16 pockets of various sizes. All the pockets are Velcro, except your two standard pockets you have on any regular pair of pants and the one mentions next. In one of the Crye pictures, I saw one of the pockets was used to hold a M4 Mag, so I tried it out on mine, in both pockets (1 on each leg). The mags fit nicely and its quite comfortable while walking, on one knee and squatting,and I have pretty big thighs.

I love how they made the Velcro adjustable sleeves compared to normal shirts, it makes for putting on gloves a lot easier and I find the velcro a lot more convenient than the traditional buttons as I have stupid fat sausage fingers.

The area where the the elbow and knee pads go in, as I have stated earlier are reinforced with a stronger material which is different from what the rest of the BDU's is made from. It feels like Cordura. The only problem with them is that there is a visible colour difference. The reinforced areas are visibly brighter than the rest of the BDU. It seems that its mostly visible on the shirt, but not really on the pants. Below are pictures of the reinforced Elbow area.

The only problem I find for me personally, is that I'm a 40inch waist so its a bit snug at the waist, otherwise its fits very well. I also have a fat ass and its quite comfortable. I bought the XL version, and was told the waist was around 39. The only other issue for me personally is that I have a 20inch neck so the mandarin collar and the top button don't really fit so well. I personally don't really like the idea of the collar, as some might find it bit constraining. So my personal gripe is the collar, if they could get rid of it I think it would be awesome, because I could see how this thing could be annoying have it on all the time, and when its un done, it looks a bit odd.


Sorry Im going to have to make this short, I will update later but I have to leave for class. So in a short description.


The over all build quality is excellent. I didn't check but im pretty sure the pads are re-moveable and you can adjust the placement of them, which I will confirm later **yep they are all removable via velcro***. The feel is very solid and firm when I wear it. I find it comfortable and it is great for lumbar support. The stitching and the quality of the material looks and feels very good. I bought the larger version, as I have previously stated, I am a 40 waist, and about a 46 inch chest wise for reference. The belt can be expanded, probably 4 or so inches more, but thats about it. So for you larger guys, it might not fit you. Once I get home Ill start strapping gear on to it, but I don't think I have that much to put on to it....yet.

I will post pictures of everything and complete the review when I get back in a few hours.

**** PHOTOS****** - Sorry I really don't have to much stuff to slap on it.

Picture with a Pistol Lanyard Attached

Picture with Maxpedition RollyPolly - Dump pouch

Back Cushion - All removable

Pictures comparing the fabric on the belt and from the gen 3 BDUs

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