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Having discussed movie prop guns for many a time, Ill give you several tips

1) PM Savage Haggis, he knows more than enough to know about this topic and has provided me with much help before

2) If this is a somewhat semi-professional film, make your prop master look into a Theatrical Firearms Business licence, however its expensive, and probalby not your logical choice, but ill throw it out there.

3) Dig into the local prop supply and movie business, ex) film manitoba and search for firearms, odds are there is a professional near you that deals in props and could provide you with some help.

Not to critique your film planning, but as a filmmaker myself, try next time to budget the guns into your costuming costs, most people look at the guns first, and a realistic swat uniform (example) can be made pretty cheap.

Feel free to PM me if you need help, im trying to get into the prop business anyways if your in manitoba
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