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Need some location help

Well, as you can imagine, Windsor doesn't seem to sell airsoft anywhere. A group of us are schedueling a video production, and don't want to pay the uh, wonderful $190 for an airsoft M4 or M16.

As a result, Walmarts website claims on selling a $36.99 M4 Carb. look alike, provided its clear plastic, it sucks, and the scope is a resevoir for BB's, however, its being repainted and detailed for.. logical purposes?

So I went over to Walmart, on the south, only to find, there isn't any sort of Airsoft gun, theres airsoft BB's, but not what I'm looking for. So then after a good boring drive to the east end, that walmart has the Crosman series sold for 36.99, but not the rifle, just a shotgun. The M4 was there, but a package deal, M4 + Colt + random accesssories, however, it was $79.99.

Then to Canadian Tire.. I'm not paying 129.99 for a crappy Crosman that walmart sells for 36.99.

The reason I wont pay this much, is for one, its costing us $115.00 to dress every actor in military BDU's and accessories. So we need about 7-10 firearms. Thus, is why I went looking for that 36.99 Crosman M4 ripoff.

Suffice to say, its nowhere.
So I need some help here, CBSA wont allow airsoft imports, even if its clear plastic, and a peice of crap.
So is there anywhere in Windsor that I can get ahold of a bulk of M4's or M16's on Crosmans cheap line series?

Anything cheap to be honest.

Any help is appriciated.
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