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As for the honesty rule, if they're not calling their hits consistently, it just means they want to get shot in the ear. And the same goes for paintball, I've heard from my friend quite a few times people don't call their hits if the paintball doesnt break when it hits them.
As far as I know most PB field rules include if the ball does not break it is not a hit dumb i think but those are the breaks or not breaks but even when they do break some people will try and wipe off the paint or try to pass it off as splatter from a wall or another player but a facial will usually fix that.
I have not had many problems with people calling hit in airsoft and when I have a hit or 5 on full auto on a "soft spot" ie:neck, hand, ear, or any exposed skin or tight fitting clothing say at the thigh will usually result in a "owe f**k hit!... HIT!" and a change of attitude if the problem persist talking to the host can usaly help as well probably should do these in the opposite order but in the heat of battle what can you do.

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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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