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CA G3 "Paratrooper" review

I'm not going to review packaging-just the rifle.Finish was excellent.Sliding stock was wobbly, plus made for sorry-ass cheek weld.Bought a folding stock from somewhere in tennessee.New stock doesn't feel right-will be modifying soon w/ saw stock.Inside the mechbox-everything standard fine, but wait, the spring guide is made of plastic instead of brass as on previous models.Shot excellent out of the box before I climbed inside the mechbox-now shoots even better using .28 excel bb's.I installed a heavier spring-not so much for fps as for handling heavier bb's for flight stability.Will be changing spring guide shortly to brass from spare busted rifle.Barrel is pretty good for shot groups for stock barrel.So far external body parts are holding up-but havn't had a chance to use very much yet.Better consider a custom batt or batt holder-no room for a battery in forestock or elsewhere.Part of the reason I'm making a custom butt-stock.Will edit this thread as I use/abuse this rifle some more.
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