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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
And your point is?
It's just that everyone knows you need a BFL to sell, and that's how Mark sells guns.
if you read it you would see that there is no provision to "Sell guns" there is only a provision to "Temporarily Transfer" them and only for proscribed reasons.

It is not legally possible to sell replica Firearms to a person that does not posess a BFL and a special Authority to Posess license for Replica Firearms.

Airsoft guns are not sold to individuals under the confines of the law ... they are sold to individuals on the basis that the law does not specifically define all airsoft guns as replicas, ( although pretty much every airsoft gun sold would meet the definition of a Replica if tested)

Airsoft guns exist in a Quantum state.. neither Firearms nor Replicas nor immitation firearms... they are none of these things and all of them at the same time... only under the scrutiny of an outside observer do they become defined.

For example, the CBSA takes the position at all airsoft guns are Replicas.. though this definition does not persist beyond the border. The court takes the position that only replicas that are proven so in court are applicable for the attributiuon of offenses. and individuals that own airsoft guns consider them immitation firearms..
The way that one ensures that your definition holds is to never have your immitation firearms observed by someone that may have a different perception.. and may be able to enforce it.. in short.. buy them.. keep them and don't be stupid with them.

Anyone who chooses to trade in airsoft guns runs the risk of being charged with a weapons trafficing offense.. if such guns are observed being sold.. and the law chooses to proceed with charges.. which they won't typically when individuals are involved.. but they may when large volumes and bulk sales are involved... which we have the case of the Retailer Implosion of 2006-2007.
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