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How the Firearms Act Applies to You

don't know if this is anything new .. but it is a good read.

i think this is how mark from aasurplus sells his guns...

anyways heres some main points

Your business needs a Firearms Business Licence if it possesses firearms, restricted or prohibited weapons, prohibited devices (except for replicas) or prohibited ammunition.
Business licence fees range from a low of $50 to possess or supply non-prohibited firearms and replica firearms for theatrical and publishing activities
Special Authority To Possess Regulations (For Replicas)

As noted earlier, replica firearms, except replicas of antique firearms, are prohibited devices. It is not an offence to possess existing replicas, but there are restrictions on selling, trading, giving or lending these replicas. As well, replicas may not be manufactured, imported, bought or acquired in any other way except for certain prescribed business purposes, such as for use in a motion picture, television, video, theatrical or publishing production.

The Special Authority to Possess Regulations (Firearms Act) make special provisions for the manufacture or lending of replica firearms for a prescribed business purpose.

If your business is licensed to do so, it can temporarily transfer replica firearms to an unlicensed business or individual (also referred to as a "transferee") for use in a movie, television, video or theatrical production or in publishing activities.

When your business temporarily transfers replica firearms, it must keep records, including a description of each replica, the date of the transfer, the number of replicas being transferred, and the name, address, and telephone number of the transferee. It must also make these records available to a Chief Firearms Officer upon request.

A temporary transfer period cannot exceed one year, but the transfer period can be extended an additional year if your business updates the information outlined above.

If you temporarily transfer replica firearms to an unlicensed business or individual, you must make sure that:

* the transferee (if it is a business) designates at least one individual at the work place to be responsible for the use, storage and handling of the replica firearms; and
* the transferee, whether a business or an individual, knows about the provisions of these regulations as well as the offence provisions in the Firearms Act and Criminal Code relating to replica firearms and imitation firearms. (See below.)

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