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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Myself and a co worker decided that the best way to have sex with a sheep would be to use Velcro gloves, and possition the sheep on the edge of a cliff.
The velcro gloves would enable the...sheep sexer? sheep fornicator? sheep fucker? To properly hand onto to the sheep. Now if they position the sheep on the edge of the cliff, each thrust would cause the sheep to think they were being pushed over the hedge and they would push back. In theory it would work. But I dont really have the urge to fornicate with a sheep.

Maybe a bear though.
Wooooo Bear Fucker!
You gotta use velcro gloves otherwise those fuckers get away. Also use deep gumboots and put their legs in the gumboots with yours so they can't move. Just a little trick I learned ....eerrrrrrr..... HEARD about yeah yeah thats it!!!
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