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In Jim's defense

Jim is my team mate so I feel like I should say something.

I've talked to bean on msn a few times regarding this ordeal. Having known Jim for about a year, I can say it wasn't his intention to rip anyone off. He doesn't have as much ... shal we say finesse with his equipment as most people would expect; I've seen batteries taped to stocks and fore grips, and guns frankensteined from the oddest pieces of equipment. Thatís just the kind of guy he is.

Now with regards to the unexpected surprises, Jim's Chinese and doesn't speak or read too much English (doesn't excuse him from ASC doctrine blah blah blah). He figured the low prices should imply that the guns arenít in mint (or I guess in some cases, functioning) condition. I dunno, maybe thatís the way things work in China which would (I think) explain his aggravated behavior; in his mind he doesn't think he's done anything wrong. He figures people are just being assholes.

I've had a talk with Jim about being careful about disclosure, and how things work on ASC. As it stands now, the dissatisfied buyers got their money back and the damage has been reversed. I hope things will blow over in the end and everyone can just put this behind them, but you mods do what you have to do cause god knows on one is going to convince you otherwise .
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